Chris Mundy

Chris Mundy is one of my more talented friends. Just ask my other friends. More importantly, Chris is a classic “nice guy” (except for the “finishing last” part.) He started his writing career at Rolling Stone before venturing out to TV. His first job was at the final season of “Chicago Hope” where he ended[…]


Scott Jacobson

Scott Jacobson is not only a friend to man and beast alike, but also the co-producer of “Bob’s Burgers”, which happens to be one of my favorite shows. Before that he took the typical route through the slightly lower echelons of the entertainment industry writing for various shows on Adult Swim, which is actually a[…]


Rob Kutner

Rob Kutner was my fellow writer and officemate at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart for six and a half years. Before that prison sentence he wrote for Dennis Miller Live, and in 2009 he left TDS to board the unsinkable Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien! Unfortunately, that show sunk. Fortunately, Rob retained his writing[…]


Gene Perret

Meet Gene Perret, writer for Love, American Style, All in the Family, Three’s Company, The Carol Burnett Show, Welcome Back Kotter – do I really need to go on? Okay, I will. Gene was also Bob Hope‘s head writer for 12 years! And he has graciously brought his vast experience and wealth of knowledge to[…]


Megan Ganz

Megan Ganz is a 28-year-old comedy writer whose resume reads like someone who’s been working her ass off since she was 12… which she has. After writing for the satirical newspaper The Every Three Weekly at The University of Michigan, Megan (@MeganGanz) was asked to join the staff of The Onion. She quickly moved her[…]


Neal Brennan

Neal Brennan is a writer, director and stand-up comedian with some high profile credits well worth mentioning, particularly that he was the co-creator and executive producer of Chappelle’s Show on Comedy Central and the co-writer — along with Dave Chappelle — of the movie Half Baked. Neal’s comedy-origin story is an unusual one. It’s a[…]


Rob Corddry

This is the interview fans of Rob Corddry have been waiting for – it’s my interview with Rob Corddry! The co-creator and star of the ridiculously hilarious Children’s Hospital on Adult Swim is living proof that really-super-crazy talented people can make it in Hollywood. Who knew? Rob is a fortunately busy man who’s been in[…]


Mike Scully

Part 2 of “The Writers’ Bloc ‘The Simpsons’ Mini-Marathon”! (Listen to Part 1.) Mike Scully is a longtime writer and producer for The Simpsons who also wrote for ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’, ‘Parks and Rec’, the list goes on. This is a seasoned professional with willing to share his experience with BlocHeads around the world. Mike[…]