Pilot Season Reviews: Part 2

Hallie Haglund (@HallieHaglund) and Dan McCoy (@dankmccoy, @theflophousepod) are responsible adults with good jobs and healthy eating habits. Also, they have Emmy Awards for writing comedy-based material for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Together we give our unsolicited opinions of sitcom premieres I didn’t get around to in Part 1 including The Crazy Ones[…]


Pilot Season Reviews: Part 1

Zhubin Parang (@zhubinparang) and Daniel Radosh (@danielradosh) are Emmy Award-winning writers for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. In this ground-touching episode we band together to review several of this seasons new sitcoms including Dads (ugh), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (yea!), Mom (meh), The Goldbergs (sure, why not?), and Back in the Game (a sacrifice bunt). For[…]


Scott Jacobson

Scott Jacobson is not only a friend to man and beast alike, but also the co-producer of “Bob’s Burgers”, which happens to be one of my favorite shows. Before that he took the typical route through the slightly lower echelons of the entertainment industry writing for various shows on Adult Swim, which is actually a[…]


Mike Scully

Part 2 of “The Writers’ Bloc ‘The Simpsons’ Mini-Marathon”! (Listen to Part 1.) Mike Scully is a longtime writer and producer for The Simpsons who also wrote for ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’, ‘Parks and Rec’, the list goes on. This is a seasoned professional with willing to share his experience with BlocHeads around the world. Mike[…]