July 1, 2013

Nice Words

There are many comedy podcasts out there, but if you are a student of comedy and want useful, actionable writing insights as well as good showbiz stories, check out my former Daily Show colleague JR Havlan’s Writers’ Bloc Podcast. Every episode has at least one solid gold nugget that helps you see your work in a new way.
— Eric Drysdale, writer, The Colbert Report
This is the type of podcast and advice I’ve been waiting for.  You cut straight to the good stuff, move with a sense of urgency, and it’s just great.
— CJ Hunt, @ceejhunt

Currently on a ‪@WritersBlocPod bender. To a wannabe writer, currently disguised as a suburban SAHM, it’s like manna to me. Amazeballs!
— Holly Hutchings ‏‪@HollyHutch

I’m a huge fan of the Writers Bloc.  There hasn’t been a single disappointing guest. Every episode is consistently entertaining, and often laugh-out-loud funny.
— David, @LongOddNews

As an aspiring comedy writer, your podcast is extremely helpful. No one else is doing what you’re doing and I cannot thank you enough.
— Matthew Neimark, aspiring comedy writer

Absolutely loving the Writer’s Bloc podcast. It is slowly changing my attitude, output, and life (in that order). Please don’t ever stop doing it – it is too fantastic. Host ‪@JRHavlan is giving away gold, ladies and gentlemen. GOLD.
— Tom Cowell (‏‪@MrTomCowell)

— Laurie Kilmartin – writer, Conan, (@anylaurie16)

I found your podcast after your AMA. I devoured them all in a week or two, it has given me more information on writing than any DVD extra or website that I have ever seen or read.
— Matthew Sweeney – England

Had to tell you how much I love your podcast! I work in production/am an aspiring writer, so it’s great to hear writers talk about writing.
— Rachel Hastings (@rachelhastings)

lovvvvve writers’ bloc podcast! great, quirky, insightful, ingenious, and inspiring!
— Mia Berman

HOW IS YOUR PODCAST NOT A TV SHOW…or at least a radio show.
Quinn Wilson