Rory Albanese

albanese_200The Oscars are over but what better way to post-celebrate than by listening to two people who’ve been there tell you what it’s like to write for the Academy Awards? Rory Albanese is the Emmy Award-winning Executive Producer of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, having worked his way up from his start as an intern for The Late Show with David Letterman. (Rory on Twitter.)

He also co-authored “Earth: The Book,” is a great comedian, and he’s a perfectly suitable friend. We both wrote for the Oscars in 2008 and this… is our story. Listen on iTunes.

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One thought on “Rory Albanese

  • GREAT podcast. Particularly wonderful to hear right after watching the Oscars. Missing Gil Cates! This feels like being a fly on the wall during a fascinating private conversation about putting together an Oscar night. Thanks, JR!

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