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Sarah Pappalardo (left, smoldering) is the co-founder of Reductress, the first and only satirical women’s magazine. Reductress is a hilarious website conceived, developed, and run by Sarah and her co-everything, Beth Newell. Sarah tells Writers’ Bloc all about how she and Beth took an idea and made it into an actual product, and trust me, there’s more to it than meets the eye. So it’s good that you’ll mainly be using your ears from here on out. We also get into a welcome and substantive conversation about women in comedy and some of the challenges they face that aren’t always understood or even recognized by their male associates. It’s long overdue on Writers’ Bloc and I think you’re going to enjoy hearing it.

Sarah has also produced a small handful of documentary shorts, including Reverence , which was featured in IFC Theater’s DOCNYC this year. And she’s written several plays including Cold, which was produced at the Plays and Players Theater last summer in Philadelphia. I hope you’ll be as pleased with this episode as I am. And, as usual, if not – your money back. (WINK!)

Now get to listenin’! Or, if it suits you better, you can listen on iTunes. See if I care!

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2 thoughts on “Sarah Pappalardo

  • Dear Mr. Havlan, Can you pretend I figured out how to tell you, really respectfully and classily, that you might want to hold a little more space for your guests to talk and respond and generally think-out-loud? To delay some of those impulsive interruptions and buy-backs and insult-denials? You may wish to remember this especially when you have an awesome guest whom you’re thrilled to be interviewing. And yes, defenestration is an awesomely apropos word, used by 4 out of 5 non-ass-holes.

  • Ha!
    Thanks Bob. I (sort of) agree about the interruptions. It’s a habit I have that occasionally gets in the way of my guest’s thoughts and I actually make a conscious effort to keep that from happening. BUT… it’s also my style, and I believe that it also quite often makes the interview more interesting, keeps it from being a simple Q&A. I prefer conversations to interviews.
    Either way, I certainly hope it doesn’t result in the defenestration of your listening device.
    Did I get that right?

    Oh, and for the record, I’m genuinely thrilled to be interviewing all of my awesome guests. Of that you can be sure.

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