Hugh Moore

moore_200Hugh Moore and I met in (undisclosed year) and hadn’t seen each other for (undisclosed number of) years, so I was thrilled to find out he was not only working but also willing to talk to me about it. His latest gig has him writing for a new sketch show called Friends of the People that will air on Tru TV starting in October. Hugh shares that experience with me, as well as what it’s been like for him to chase work and find work and then chase work again and find work again and then chase work yet again and find work yet again. He hustles. That’s what he does. And, equally as important, he’s talented and fun to be around. Hugh’s resume varies wildly including stints at Chocolate News, Wild ‘N Out, Vibe, Best Damn Sports Show, and now Friends of the People, as well as the cartoon Black Dynamite on Adult Swim. He’s also a great comic and performer who often appears on the show’s he writes for, including one particularly funny bit he did on Vibe called Shy Tony. We talk about all of this in between almost constant and highly entertaining reminiscing. Listen on iTunes.

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