Jason Ross

ross_200Jason Ross is a writer for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, but here’s the rub – he lives in L.A. even though the show tapes in New York City. What what?! We discuss how a writer living 3000 miles away from what you would imagine would be his office can, 1 – do his job, and 2 – get his job. Both answers are great stories. Before moving to L.A., Jason spent 11 years writing for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and he shares what made him finally pack it up and head west. We talk about taking meetings in L.A. (do the words “seduced and abandoned” mean anything to you?) and what it’s like to pitch an idea without realizing the studio you’re pitching it to is already working on a “very similar project”. Lesson: they have very little interest in an idea they already have. Jason also offers up some very interesting insight on the writing process in general and we close it out with a laugh-filled discussion of his wide range of early comedy influences. Lend me your ears, BlocHeads! I swear I’ll give them back. Listen on iTunes.

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