Chris Regan

regan_200Chris Regan is a comedy writer who won five Emmys during his seven seasons on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He talks about leaving a lucrative (potential) career in advertising to chase a very potentially un-lucrative career in comedy writing. It turned out well. We talk about the early days at TDS and what it’s like to leave a secure, high-profile job in entertainment because you’re pretty sure you’ve got something else going on that it turns out you actually don’t really have going on. Then we move on to how you bounce back from that. Short answer: hard work and talent. Chris currently writes for Fox’s long-running animated hit Family Guy. He previously worked on The Jeselnik Offensive, The Burn with Jeff Ross, and Lopez Tonight. He also contributed to the best-selling book “America: The Book,” wrote the book “Mass Historia: 365 Days of Historical Facts and (Mostly) Fictions” and he co-authored the humor book “Shatner Rules” with William Shatner. He recently had the great honor of delivering the commencement address at the Ithaca College Class of 2014 graduation ceremony. Listen on iTunes.

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