Charlie Grandy

grandy_200Charlie Grandy was a writer on The Daily Show without Jon Stewart. He was also a writer on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and was on staff with me when we won our first Emmy. Good times. We talk about those years, the difference between the “Jon” and “non-Jon” writing processes, and what it’s like to get a job where you feel like the least qualified writer in the room. After The Daily Show, Charlie moved over to Weekend Update at SNL and within a couple of years was running that department. It’s Writers’ Bloc’s first in-depth look at the process at SNL and it’s a good one. We also talk about his first sitcom writing job at a little sleeper show over on NBC called “The Office” and what it’s like to get your own show on the air only to have your own show taken off the air. Ouch! But don’t worry. Today, Charlie is writing for The Mindy Project and he still has all of his hair… which is nice. Listen on iTunes.

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  • Another great episode. I particularly liked the inside look at working in late night as well as scripted shows, & seeing the differences in time commitment and writing style. I am also SO.SO.GLAD. you both acknowledge the learning curve writers have, even incredibly talented people like you 2. That is super encouraging.

    Thanks for all you do JR.

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