Chuck Tatham

tatham_200To say Chuck Tatham’s resume speaks for itself… is ridiculous, mainly because resume’s don’t have the power of speech. They’re inanimate objects. The very concept is absurd. As resume’s go, however, Chuck’s is very impressive to look at: 22 years in the business as a writer and producer at 15 different shows including “Arrested Development” and most recently “How I Met Your Mother” – season finale on March 31st! And all while suffering from a debilitating banana allergy, or at least as debilitating as a banana allergy can be. For our purposes, however, the important thing is that Chuck has learned from many of the biggest names in sitcom creation, production and writing and he willingly shares much of that knowledge for our benefit. Plus we finally get to hear a few stories about “Arrested Development”! It’s the total package, so what are you waiting for? Rip it open! Listen on iTunes.

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