Bill Persky

persky_200Bill Persky is a veteran Emmy Award-winning comedy writer who started, like so many other comedy writers of his era, as a gag writer for established comedians not all of whom, as it turns out, were terribly funny people… until Bill helped them out of course. He soon moved on to writing for variety shows for the likes of Sid Caesar, Bob Hope and Bill Cosby, then moved on to sitcoms, eventually co-creating the breakthrough show “That Girl” starring Marlo Thomas. One of Bill’s more recent contributions to the comedy world is his book “My Life is a Situation Comedy” ( You should buy it and then read it… preferably in that order. Bill’s got hilarious stories and amazing insight not just on the shows he wrote for, but also many of the classic shows of his time as well today’s most popular sit coms. He’s an amazing guy, an inspiration to all comedy writers, and a saint for putting up with me for nearly an hour. Please enjoy this very special episode. Listen on iTunes.

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