Wyatt Cenac – Live at NYC PodFest 2014

cenac_200Wyatt Cenac joins me for a live taping at NYC PodFest 2014. Wyatt won 3 Emmy Awards during his time as a writer and correspondent for The Daily Show, but did you know that Wyatt was also a writer for the hilarious animated series, King of the Hill? And do you know how he got that job? Did you know that Colin Quinn almost got him a job writing for SNL? All this and much more is just a click away. Make sure you stick around ’til the end for a great story about Wyatt’s first appearance on The Daily Show. Currently, Wyatt is an immensely popular staple of the New York City (Brooklyn in particular) comedy scene. Every first Thursday of the month he hosts Shouting at the Screen at IndieScreen in Williamsburg. Every Monday night he hosts the comedy show Night Train at Littlefield. And sometime in March he’ll be releasing his latest comedy album (exact date and title unknown as of me typing this.) But before you enjoy all those things, enjoy this…Listen on iTunes.

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Thanks to all the BlocHeads who made it out! Special thanks to official photographer Mindy Tucker. Her website is withreservation.com

One thought on “Wyatt Cenac – Live at NYC PodFest 2014

  • “I give you permission to solicit”, made me laugh hard.

    I feel like stopping editing the episodes (excluding the live one) makes them a little less dense. But i understand how much work it is, especially if you have no time to make notes of the topics and the respective timecodes during the interviews.
    Still, there’re plenty of good stories included i like listening to. The only thing i miss in the 5 or 6 new episodes following this one is practical writing advice and something on the issue of the writer’s bloc. Even though you’ve covered it in earlier episodes, it’s always great to hear how people deal with it, i think. Thanks for taking the time to record the podcast.

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