Opus Moreschi

moreschi_200Opus Moreschi is a classic Hollywood triple threat: a writer, performer and mammal. He also happens to be the head writer of The Colbert Report and a close personal friend of mine… as far as he knows. I’ve been promising a Colbert writer for a long time now and I’m happy to “report” that it is now a reality. Opus (@heyitsopus) and I cover just about everything you’d ever want to know about writing for Stephen and writing for Jon and how they differ and how they’re the same and what they have for breakfast… and we do it all in under an hour! It’s a Hanukkah miracle!! Opus is a graduate of Emerson College (smart!) who has written and performed comedy at I.O. West and the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater (funny!). He’s also a multiple Emmy Award winner – we talk about that a little as well. Listen on iTunes.

Feel free to get in touch: @WritersBlocPod and writersblocpodcast@gmail.com

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