Travon Free

free_200 Travon Free (@travon) is a comedian, actor and Emmy nominated writer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart from Compton, California… and that’s where our journey begins. After some astonishing twists and turns and shootings and two-on-one street fights and a high school basketball championship and a bunch of other amazing stuff, the journey ends at The Daily Show. It’s a unique and inspiring lesson in hard work, focus, and not being a dick. In addition to his recent success at The Daily Show, Travon has also been featured on Tosh.0, Chelsea Lately, and the hit web series “The Gentlemen’s Rant“. His debut comedy album “Undefeated” can be found on iTunes, he’s appear on John Oliver’s New York Stand-up Show, and you can catch him on various tour stops with international stand-up comedy giant Russell Peters. But, of course, most importantly, he’s on Writers’ Bloc. Looks like you made it, Travon! Listen on iTunes.

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