Pilot Season Reviews: Part 1

parangradosh_200Zhubin Parang (@zhubinparang) and Daniel Radosh (@danielradosh) are Emmy Award-winning writers for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. In this ground-touching episode we band together to review several of this seasons new sitcoms including Dads (ugh), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (yea!), Mom (meh), The Goldbergs (sure, why not?), and Back in the Game (a sacrifice bunt). For good measure, Zhubin and Daniel and I also review a few established shows – New Girl (adorkable), Modern Family (unbeatable), South Park (dependable), and 2 Broke Girls (unwatchable). This is a detailed breakdown of what makes sitcoms either great, good, predicable or infuriating… in our humble opinions, of course. Get your pencils ready, BlocHeads. An excessive amount of useful information is just a click away. (So click it already!) (Jeesh!) Listen on iTunes.

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2 thoughts on “Pilot Season Reviews: Part 1

  • So if I understand you all correctly, a comedy is only to be filled with yucks and chuckles and not schmaltzy moments.
    What is wrong with a 1/2 hour comedy being funny and heart warming at the same time?
    Just because it has a little sentiment to a story-line does not make for a bad show.
    I am so over bitter TV.

  • Ha. I don’t watch any of these shows. Still, Writers Bloc, always enjoyable. Not too much into the prime time shows. Agree that Sunny in Philly is one of the best. Used to watch South Park, loved it actually, but after season 8 I find it difficult to watch. I feel like when the show took longer to finish they had more time to throw ideas around. Just because you CAN throw a show together in 6 days doesn’t necessarily mean you SHOULD. I was actually a little saddened when I removed it from my DVR’s scheduled recordings. Oh well, still plenty to watch.

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