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wilmore_200There are a handful of people in this business who can do it all and Larry Wilmore is one of those people. He has not only created successful shows on his own, he has written for every genre known to television comedy, acted on “the TV” and in “the movies”, written a book with another one on the way, and… he can sing! (I think. Not totally sure about that last one.) His impressive list of TV writing credits include “In Living Color,” “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, “The Jamie Foxx Show”, and “The Office”. And he co-created the animated show “The PJs” with Eddie Murphy and the award winning “The Bernie Mac Show.” In this jam-packed episode, Larry discusses all of those experiences as well as giving away a few of his formerly best-kept secrets on successfully pitching to networks. There’s gold in this here episode, and I command you to dig it! Listen on iTunes.

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  • Listening to Ep. 22 as I write this and had to stop by! Divine timing finding your show on SC. “lack of clarity (amateur) is what ‘writers block’ is a symptom for.” Emphasis mine. I am writing my first screenplay with a long time songwriting partner. I am learning @ Full Sail that I am a hybrid as well so this was like sunday morning for me! Thank you both for being authentic and having Clarity through genius! I’m a true believer, thank you also for such transparency into the industry which I see drawing people back to the Arts. Blessings!


    Shawn McMahon

  • Very nice episode. Liked the Jim Carrey anecdote a lot as well. Very insightful conversation. Thanks :-)

    And please keep using the term “forte” a little more frequent than necessary, JR. After the last episodes, the (mediocre) French speaker in me was about to accept it as a reasonable use of the word but this episode came without it. I need my constant supply to get over it completely ;-)

  • The “lack of clarity” observation, all by itself, would make every moment I’ve spent listening to this cast worthwhile. But there’s so much more great stuff in this show. Thanks, and congratulations again on the triumphant run of John Oliver.

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