Scott Jacobson

jacobson_200Scott Jacobson is not only a friend to man and beast alike, but also the co-producer of “Bob’s Burgers”, which happens to be one of my favorite shows. Before that he took the typical route through the slightly lower echelons of the entertainment industry writing for various shows on Adult Swim, which is actually a great place to watch full episodes of Bob’s Burgers you may have missed. Scott (@straintest) also wrote for The Daily Show for a few years and has at least one Emmy Award to show for that. More recently, he has built up quite a resume directing music videos for artists including The Babies, Dinosaur Jr., and Nick Lowe.
This episode is chock full of ‘things you’d like to know but probably didn’t already know’ – which is quickly becoming a Writers’ Bloc trademark. Scott Jacobson, Bob’s Burgers… eat up! Listen on iTunes.

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