Megan Ganz

ganz_200Megan Ganz is a 28-year-old comedy writer whose resume reads like someone who’s been working her ass off since she was 12… which she has. After writing for the satirical newspaper The Every Three Weekly at The University of Michigan, Megan (@MeganGanz) was asked to join the staff of The Onion. She quickly moved her way up to editor and that’s when TV came a-callin’. Megan’s first gig was at Important Things with Demetri Martin but when the opportunity to write for her favorite show (at least at the time) NBC’s Community, she jumped at the chance. Three years later Megan moved on to the writing staff of one of my current favorite shows, Modern Family, and that’s where she is today. In short, Megan is awesome, and episode 16 of Writers’ Bloc is your proof. Listen on iTunes.

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