Lewis Black

black_200Taped in front of a live audience at the University of North Carolina!
Lewis Black is a two-time Grammy Award winning stand-up comedian and regular contributor to “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” for the past 17 years. (That’s not a typo.) He is also an author, a playwright and a mensch in disguise. We discuss all of these things and more including Lewis’s closing bit his first ever time on stage. It involved a dog sitting on his lap, but you’ll have to listen to the episode to find out the rest. Everything you need to know about Lewis Black can be found at lewisblack.com – except his address. That you have to pay for. Listen on iTunes.

4 thoughts on “Lewis Black

  • With all due respect, not your greatest show–very good, mind you, and miles ahead of 99% of podcasts. But I think you’re right, the live audience took you out of the moment a little bit. Still, it was totally worth the listen to hear Lewis Black read “Goodnight Moon.”

  • i accept your honesty and begrudgingly agree, but it’s great to hear that you still liked it. the good news is there are some AMAZING episodes coming soon so don’t give up!

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