Rebecca Drysdale

Rebecca Drysdale grew up in Versailles, France and Vancouver and Montreal, Canada, which makes her sound more like a line of designer clothing than a comedy writer, but comedy writer she is! For the fantastically funny Key & Peele show on Comedy Central. Rebecca attended Sarah Lawrence College for a minute, where she met her writing[…]


Mike Royce

In this episode we talk to Mike Royce (executive producer of “Enlisted“, Fridays at 9 on Fox) about the intricacies of transitioning from comedian to staff writer to executive producer and showrunner, which is not as easy as it sounds, and it doesn’t even sound easy. We also discuss different shooting styles and writing styles[…]


Chuck Tatham

To say Chuck Tatham’s resume speaks for itself… is ridiculous, mainly because resume’s don’t have the power of speech. They’re inanimate objects. The very concept is absurd. As resume’s go, however, Chuck’s is very impressive to look at: 22 years in the business as a writer and producer at 15 different shows including “Arrested Development”[…]